"I’m Terrified" Tangled Music Video (Katharine McPhee, Zachary Levi, Mandy Moore, Disney)

This is an updated version of my first Terrified/Tangled video, with more high-definition versions of certain scenes as well as an introductory scene, which is probably the one that made me connect both the song “Terrified” with this film in the first place!

Again, hopefully you watch the movie as well as hear the song before you see this!

I was deeply inspired to put this music and film together because both are so touching and beautiful, and I hope you find the beauty in both as well. :) Also, isn’t it amazing that Zach Levi was part of BOTH works? Seriously!

I neither own the song “Terrified” sung by Katharine McPhee and Zachary Levi nor the film “Tangled.”


here’s my cover of “When Will My Life Begin? (reprise 2)”! hope you all enjoy :)

Perfect Friday night.

Perfect Friday night.

In honor of the DVD release, here’s a solo cover of “I See The Light” from just Rapunzel’s perspective! It’s a little different since there’s no Flynn, but I hope you enjoy it all the same! :)

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Tangled on AFV!!!

Submitted by Nerwen Aldarion

So I’m watching my favorite AFV channel on YouTube and guess what is mentioned! Tangled!!

It’s at around the 21:16 mark.



I guess we found out dancing with your Rapunzel Doll can be dangerous. That poor girl though.

I love AFV so I got kick out of this. 



Flynn’s Tangled Tales: Arm Wrestling

This is like the only time we see Flynn’s Smolder works. Gosh this is so funny. 


Flynn’s Tangled Tales: Jewel Heist


Blu Ray Deleted Scene # 3 - Vigor the Visionary

If you wonder during the credits about that artwork of Rapunzel and Flynn being with a monkey, well this is kinda your answer XD


Blu Ray Deleted Scene # 2 - Chemistry Develops 

So this is my favorite out of the three deleted scenes love the interaction between Rapunzel and Flynn. Also I just laugh so hard at “OWWW WAAAA!” thing XD


Blu Ray Deleted Scene #1 - The Jaunty Moose

So I keep getting a ton of messages of people wanting to see Blu Ray Bonus Features. So I’ currently working on uploading them. 


tangled || wandering through starry skies ||

The video submit function isn’t working so I had to submit it as a link :T