Hey, I hope this is okay to submit here! I thought I might give it a shot :) 

I was wondering if you could get your followers to check out my recent Rapunzel and Flynn cosplay? I was Rapunzel with the Kingdom Dance braid, both costumes sewn by me - including my Flynn’s doublet, which was my first time sewing with real leather. We won Best Costume in the Advanced category at the recent Supanova Cosplay Competition in my hometown of Perth :) There’s a photoset of our interview with the host, comedian John Robertson, available here, and a video of our interview (complete with Aussie accents and *cringe* anachronisms!!) available here.

I’d love some feedback - what do you guys think of our cosplay? :) 

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The Best TANGLED EVER AFTER Clips Yet! From Disney.go.com



O.M.G. I haven’t seen this floating around tumblr. I mean, people know about this, right?


*still squealing*

Bless your heart.


Love this Tangled Video. Check it out.

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♪ 【Cover】Mother Knows Best Reprise - Disney’s Tangled (by SweetPoffin)

♪ 【Cover】♡ When Will My Life Begin Reprise 2 - Disney’s Tangled ✿ (by SweetPoffin)

♫ 【Fan Duet Cover】♡ I See The Light with VAAMusicalMike ♡ Tangled (by SweetPoffin)

♪ 【Cover】Mother Knows Best - Tangled ✿ (by SweetPoffin)

If Mother Gothel was Drizella’s Mother