Rapunzel sketch

I tried to draw Rapunzel out of a piece of Tangled concept art. Hope you like it :) 

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tangled lantern painting

from deviantart: http://fav.me/d3demat

My Fav new Fanfic!!!

In An Instant by LovelyHarmoney just keeps getting better and better!! The writing is so beautiful and professional and descriptive.  Everyone is in character and the story is just incredibly captivating.  It’s such an interesting twist on the original plot.  And last chapter was sooooo great!!!  I just love everything about this fanfic!!

I love how she includes concept art for every chapter too.  She finds really awesome pictures that match the chapter perfectly.


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Am I looking at Flynn porn?

Am I looking at Flynn porn?


Blu Ray Deleted Scene # 3 - Vigor the Visionary

If you wonder during the credits about that artwork of Rapunzel and Flynn being with a monkey, well this is kinda your answer XD


Blu Ray Deleted Scene # 2 - Chemistry Develops 

So this is my favorite out of the three deleted scenes love the interaction between Rapunzel and Flynn. Also I just laugh so hard at “OWWW WAAAA!” thing XD


Blu Ray Deleted Scene #1 - The Jaunty Moose

So I keep getting a ton of messages of people wanting to see Blu Ray Bonus Features. So I’ currently working on uploading them. 


My Tangled pre-order came today!

I am so excited, you don’t even know. I’ve already watched it twice.

This isn’t a post to gloat though~ I just thought I’d scan in the lithographs to show you guys! My scanner made them go a little wonky though, and wasn’t big enough for the whole thing. ): If anyone would like high-res versions, I can definitely try to scan them again at a better quality. <3
Oh, and the folder images were obviously taken with my iPhone, haha.

First the gorgeous folder they came in:

And the lithographs!

Back in October I believe, I went to a presentation by one of the animators who worked on Tangled (one of the perks of living in Ottawa, it has the Annual International Animation Festival!). I can’t remember his name, but one of the scenes he worked on was the iconic scene where she sees the lanterns for the first time and runs to the bow of the boat. It was really neat seeing how that scene was broken down and all the different stages it went to before the final. The main reason I’m bringing this up now is that I also got a lithograph from attending that presentation, a limited edition one. Here it is!

I love the little sketches around it. I’m sorry some of them got cut off!
It also came with a Certificate of Authenticity. <3

That presentation got me so excited for Tangled, and it definitely lived up to expectations.

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Tarzan and Rapzunel