Rapunzel- Tangled


Rapunzel- Tangled


Flynn Rider’s Satchel Commissions


People have been asking about this. Thinking it over, I thought Id give it a shot.

The photos above show my satchel. Mine is still unfinished because I need to figure out what I should use for the little piece on the flap of Flynns satchel that has the string to close the bag. Still, though, this is what yours would basically look like.

My satchel is made out if flannel. It was on clearance, and being that Im broke, I went with it. I’ll probably stick with the flannel for now because its comfortable and my WalMart doesn’t sell nice pleather/suede (JoAnns is about a 45min trip North).

The stitching in the front is suede cord, and the button is just a button I found in my grandmother’s sewing box. I scratched it up to make it look older like the satchel, itself, but I’d probably pick up different buttons for you guys cuz I only have 3 of this button left and I’ll be using them for satchels Im making for friends/family.

(Ignore that last photo of me and my outfits rofl :B)

Bag Dimensions:

Height: 10inches

Length: 8.5inches

Width: 1 3/4inches

Strap length: 3.7inches (almost 4)

Strap Width: 1 1/4inches

Weight: Really friggen lightweight XD

Payment Method:

Paypal ONLY.


I wanted to ask you guys about this. Including materials and shipping (unless you’re international) and time (about 4hrs from cutting to completion), I’d ask for $25.00, but is that too much to ask for? What do you think is a decent price?