(Long awaited) Fan Fiction Post # 3

Breakfast In Bed by P.I.D (K+)

Author Summary: Rapunzel and Pascal rise at the ungodly hour of 3:37 am to cook breakfast.

My Review:It was a cute one-shot story about Rapunzel making breakfast for Eugene’s birthday.


What You Don’t Know by Airplane (M)

Author Summary:It’s become very clear to Eugene that Rapunzel has little to no understanding of amorous affection.

My Review: As you guys know I’m not too crazy for M rated fan fiction, but I found myself liking this one a lot. It’s about Eugene dealing with his sexual frustration with a innocent Rapunzel. It’s done somewhat less graphic way than previous M rated fan fiction I posted.


A Chat With The King by Miana (K+)

Author Summary: Flynn discusses his future with the King.


Everything I Dreamed It Would Be by fantasylands (K+)

Author Summary: A collection of R/E oneshots, mainly post-movie. *** “How in the heck is it that you managed to whip off your shoes, climb over the rose hedges, cram a million flowers into your hair, and start flailing around in two minutes flat without me noticing?

My Review: The first one-shot story of this is super cute. It’s about Rapunzel and Eugene spending time in the castle garden and cuteness ensues!


The Gift by FrostyStarlight (K)

Author Summary: She didn’t know whether to tell him or not. In yet, this had to be the greatest gift to recieve, ever to be imaginable! But how will he react once she confesses? Oneshot. FlynnxRapunzel fluffies!


Playing Flynn Rider by P.I.D (T)

Author Summary: Pascal’s angry because Flynn locked him out of his and Rapunzel’s bedroom. Rated T because nothing’s explicit, but there’s a heckuva lot implied.

My Review: I read this a while ago, but I remember this being quite a funny fic it focus a bit on Flynn and Pascal kinda fighting over Rapunzel attention.


Flynn: Q and A Session by ProudSpaz (K+)

Author Summary: Alright, so basically you send in questions and I, the amazing Flynn Rider will answer them.

My Review: This isn’t really fan fic, but it’s quite the amusing read.


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