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Can you post a link of the movie or link to download the English Soundtrack for Tangled?

No, I won’t because I believe you should support the film; also you can buy the soundtrack online or at stores.

What’s you favorite song out of the film?

It’s between “When Will My Life Begin (Reprise 2)” or “I See The Light”.

Did you know Disney isn’t doing Fairy Tales anymore?

It’s not true. Disney is still doing fairy tales, it’s just they aren’t working on one now; also Pixar is working on “Brave” which is going to be their first fairy tale movie.

What’s Rapunzel Unbraided ?

It’s the previous incarnation of “Tangled”; it was suppose to be a reverse ‘Enchanted’ type of film. Where a girl and a boy gets trap inside the Rapunzel fairy tale. The girl becomes Rapunzel and the boy becomes ‘The Prince’ character.

What is your favorite part and moment in the film?

My favorite part is when Eugene comes back to life at the end; Rapunzel and Eugene’s first kiss (AWWW). Moment has to be when Rapunzel meets her parents at the end; when the Queen pull Eugene into the family hug.

Did you heard Disney isn’t making princesses films anymore?


Here is the proof.

How old is Flynn?

From my sources of people who worked at Disney and on Tangled;  I heard he’s around 26 years old. 

However, this does not mean he is officially 26 years old, this is just speculation, so don’t complain that he’s “too old for Rapunzel.”

How do I make fanvideos?

I’m getting a lot of questions asking me “How to make fan video?” and guys as flattering it’s that you ask me how to do it, but I honestly don’t know anything about making fan videos. The only advise I give is I use DVDVIDEOSOFT to download videos off of youtube, but that’s only it. I know how to get material off of youtube, but don’t know the process of making fanvideos; that’s up to you.

When is Rapunzel being added to the princess line?

She will be given a Coronation Ceremony in London on October 2, 2011.

Is the Tangled Short and the Coronation the same thing?


When is the Tangled Short going to come out?

It will be shown before every showing of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in 3D in theaters starting January 13, 2012!

What is it about?

Rapunzel’s and Flynn’s wedding.

More info on it here.

How long is this short?

Currently, there is no information on how long this short is. We will tell everyone when we find out.

Will Rapunzel have her short brown hair here?

Yes, because it takes place after the film.

But wait, why doesn’t she have short brown hair at the Disney Parks and on the merchandise? 

Rapunzel’s mostly recognized for her long, blonde hair, so I assume that’s why they use it.

Do you think they’ll ever have Rapunzel with her short brown hair at the Disney Parks?

Probably not. 

What about merchandise?

Maybe. Hopefully the short next year will have some merchandise with her short hair. There are some books with  a drawing or two with her short hair though.